Harvest Haven News –  Christmas 2017

A beautiful and blessed Christmas to you and family!

The Magi's gifts (Matt.2:11)
Christ is the reason for the season, and the reason for the Wise men (the Magi) from the East to travel such long distance to visit and worship the King when they saw His star. They first went to Jerusalem at the palace of King Herod, which was the obvious place to inquire, but they had no knowledge of that until they searched the scriptures that the King was to be born in Bethlehem. God directed the Magi with His star to the house where Jesus was and they worshipped Him and laid down their gifts fit for a king – Gold for the King of kings, Frankincense for the Priest of priests, and Myrrh for the Sacrifice of sacrifices. This Christmas, may God's star guide and direct you to King Jesus, and when you meet with Him, to offer your gift fit for a king – your gold of life, frankincense of worship and myrrh of sacrifice!

Bible School and Prayer House – Bible School will resume in 2019 hopefully in the new building we are currently planning called the Prayer House. This will help a lot logistically while maintaining the present building. We hope to run modular Bible courses throughout the year. Each module is one month duration and students can come for any module at any time of the year. Our goal is to equip and prepare effective workers for Christ in the harvest. Pray and be a part of this strategic work. Do what the Magi did – they came prepared with the gifts that God used to provide for Mary and Joseph to bring up Jesus and the family. You can do the same for Harvest Haven!  This is a worthwhile project to support! Call John for more info.

Prayer Garden – The prayer garden is taking shape slowly but surely. Guests can now take a stroll in the garden of the shady Gaharu trees to meditate, pray, and smell the lushness of the greenery. There are seats and coffee tables for rests and conversations beside the fish pond waiting for you. 

10th Anniversary (May 26-28, 2017) - The occasion went very well, praise the Lord! The Anniversary conference theme, “Looking Backward, Pressing Forward” based on Philippians 3:13-14 by Pastor Lim Boon Seng from Singapore was very well received and appreciated by participants. We also feasted on our home grown turkey! This is one conference you would not want to miss as we make sure your time with us is well spent with good teaching, fellowship and food, and all at our expense! The Anniversary celebration following the conclusion of the conference on Sunday, May 28, ended with a sumptuous buffet. Those who missed this will have to wait till May 24-26, 2019 for the 12th Anniversary. Mark it down in your calendar and register early when the flyer is out! Come and celebrate in the new Prayer House in May 2019!

 Farm - We are asking the Lord for a couple of farmers who will help us grow our own food for staff and guests. We aim to provide food free from chemicals and pesticide as best we can. If you are gifted and trained in this area and willing to help in any capacity, or would like to serve here, we would love to hear from you. For now, we have our own chickens, turkeys, ducks and geese.

Torchbearers International Staff Conference
– June 17-24
Every four years, all the 26 Torchbearer centres around the world meet in the founding centre, Capernwray Hall, England for a staff conference. The Torchbearers International Staff conference gave us the opportunities to fellowship and worship with our international staff community, get to know them, learn from them to help us serve better, and make ourselves relevant in this fast changing world. The speaker was Peter Maiden (ex-OM international director) who spoke on “Change” and leadership succession. Indeed, there were changes in leadership in Torchbearers as younger ones take over. Chris Thomas retired, and a new General Director, Peter Reid was elected. I attended the conference with 2 other staff and a Bible school teacher, but our brother, David Cheng (standing in the middle) succumbed to his colon cancer while he was there, and was called home on June 22. Although sad and grievous for the family and us, we are thankful that he is no longer suffering but resting in Christ in his heavenly address! I brought his ashes home to his family in Kuala Lumpur and had a wonderful memorial service for him on August 19, with family and friends together remembering his life, service for the Lord and contributions in Harvest Haven. We want to thank the Torchbearer fellowship, and in particular Andy Thomas for helping with the cremation, repatriation papers, and the corresponding expenses. Praise the Lord!

Pakistan Work
The planned trip to Pakistan in October 2017 with Rev. Dr. Mark Chua, to visit our mission fields did not materialize as Mark suddenly had a cardiac arrest in July and went home to be with the Lord. I plan to visit Pakistan next year in Spring (March/April 2018) to see what the Lord has done since supporting the work 5 years ago. Here’s a short report from our key contact:

“At Joseph Colony we have 6 services in a week – Women Fellowship, Sunday School, Youth meeting, Prayer time and Sunday Worship Service and Bible Study. Around 150 members meet for worship every Sunday. Due to threats from the neighbourhood many families have moved. They are committed to Lord and love Him very much, with most of them from idolatrous background. Believers are growing in the Lord and are sharing with others what He has done in their lives.

We are running two bible schools, one at Lahore with 25 students and the other one in the frontier with 22 students. The rest of our other ministries include outreaches to13 Brick Kilns, 9 Villages, two churches in Lahore, one church at Rawalpindi, and 3 churches in the Frontier.”

Do pray for them. If you are moved to support the growing work in Pakistan, please get in touch with us.

Nissan Urvan 14 seater
As mentioned in our previous newsletters, we need a sponsor/ sponsors to help us buy a 14-seater van for our growing work and ministry. Apart from transporting students and guests, the vehicle will be used for mission trips. Please consider meeting this need as the Lord impresses upon you. We hope this van would arrive by December 2018!

Staff Vacancies

Farmer/ Gardener – Growing fruits, vegetables and herbs; poultry and landscaping.
Cook – Responsible for cooking for staff and guests.
Bible Teacher – Able to teach Bible courses and ministerial skills to Bible school students.

Family Highlights

John – It has been another tough year for me in particular the home calling of my staff and friend David Cheng, my son’s father-in-law, Dr. Mark Chua (a pastor), and my cousin’s husband (a retired pastor) who lived in Melbourne. In September, I attended my god-son’s wedding in Melbourne and visited my cousin whose husband had just passed away. Presently, I am more involved with the local Church ministry and outreaches – in particular the seniors. While there are many projects being planned, it is also time for succession planning for Harvest Haven and to recruit younger staff to carry on the work. I was also informed by my children that there will be two additions to the family next year, how exciting! My plan is to attend the Torchbearers Directors’ meeting in Sweden in June and then visit my daughter in USA.

Joni and Brian
Joni and Brian live in Houston, Texas, and had an eventful year. Joni started a new position as dietitian in a primary care practice much closer to their home. Brian continues to work as a project engineer, and had travelled a couple times to Germany. In August, Hurricane Harvey struck Houston and left much devastation. We thank the Lord for His mercies in keeping them and their house safe. They will be welcoming a little one next June, an answer to prayer! Pray that God will continue to lead and grow them as new parents.

Johnson and Rachel
They moved back from Singapore in January, and have settled in the capital city, Kuala Lumpur. It has been a challenging year, as Rachel’s father was suddenly called home to the Lord in July. Nevertheless, it has also been a year of great blessing. God willing, they will be moving into their own home in time for Christmas this year, and are expecting a new addition to the family in February 2018! Praise God for His faithfulness in caring and providing for them. 

Pray for us

  1. Prayer House, Prayer Garden and Farm projects
  2. New staff – farmers, cook and Bible teacher
  3. John's Visit to Pakistan and Raising 2018 mission support (RM16,000/year)
  4. Purchase of ministry van
  5. Bible school in 2019
Blessings in Christ who is our life,
John Lee, Director

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